Arizona desert chic interior design

Introducing the Year’s Hottest Interior Trends: Desert Modern & Southwestern

Posted on 27 Feb, 2019

With its modern meets mountain philosophy, Avance at South Mountain is all about being in tune with yourself, nature, Downtown Phoenix­—and the latest modern home design trends.

And now, the interior design world has discovered our aesthetic as well, and there’s two things that are becoming hotter than the desert this year: Desert Modern and Southwestern Bohemian interiors. Two design trends as natural, laid-back and chic as Avance itself.

Inspired by the earthy warmth of the desert, they’re perfect for bringing everything you love about Arizona’s great outdoors into your home—and you can add a fun, boho twist, if you like.

Here are some tips for how to get the Desert Modern look, and how to turn up the boho factor to fit your taste. A few well-chosen essentials are enough to get you started. Let’s begin from the ground up:

 Rugs & Textiles

Accent pillows for Arizona desert modern decor

Southwestern Rugs (also known as kilim rugs) with their geometric, unique designs, are a must for the Desert Modern style. They’re perfect for laying down the color law for your interior. Use the colors of your rug as orientation when picking furniture, pillows and other decorative pieces in the room to build a look that’s eclectic yet harmonious.

Make it boho: Eclectic, pillows, throws and textiles with textures and patterns will create a “looser”, more bohemian feel. And don’t be afraid to mix and match; it’s what gives your interior your personal touch.

Wood Furniture & Leather

Upholstered leather chair

There’s no desert-style living without the timeless, down-to-earth appeal of rugged wooden furniture elements mixed with more modern pieces. From dining and end tables to sideboards and chairs, go for less polished looks, like burl-wood or carved wood—otherwise, trust your feeling (AKA your innate sense of style).

You can update this traditional, natural look and feel by adding more modern, sleek leather pieces—like mid-century modern leather chairs, or tufted leather upholstery on your sofa.

Make it boho: Think lighter and perhaps even add unexpected, pastel colors. Avoid lots of dark leather shades mixed together.

White Walls & Nature-Inspired Artwork

Earthy color palette and textures

Rooms with crisp white walls seem larger and give all spaces the light, free, wide-open feel of the desert itself. They’re also the canvas that makes the colors and textures of your interiors shine. Including your artwork: invite nature into your home with plant and landscape inspired photography and paintings. Another option is abstract artwork using natural colors.

Make it boho: Colorful, patterned cloths make for eye-catching wall hangings, as do hand-woven pieces of macramé art.


Cactus and desert shrubbery accents
If it grows in the desert, it will give your naturally stylish abode even more of an authentic local flair. Succulents including cacti, as well as palm trees and air plants are just right for adding life and earthy elements to any room—while being brilliantly low-maintenance.

Make it boho: Just add more plants—lots of them! For a perfect boho look, hang them from the ceiling, ideally in macramé plant hangers.