Less Clutter, More Style: Modern Storage Ideas for Spring

Posted on 20 May, 2019

Spring is here. And that means it’s time for the big annual decluttering fest, also known as spring cleaning. The good news is, whether tidying up is a chore or chance, it’s in our hands. Because with the right storage helpers, organizing the home becomes not only fast and easy, but a great opportunity to introduce a few stylish new elements to the rooms and refresh spaces with smart, budget-friendly details.

With the clean lines and open spaces of modern design like Avance’s, clutter tends to stand out even more, so we have a lot of great tips in store to inspire your next spring-cleaning-home-refreshing session.


Spring is all about lightness of both color and feeling. That’s why attractive baskets in light colors are perfect for adding storage without taking away living space. And hiding smaller items that you want close by but off the floor—like pillows, blankets or small kids toys—in plain sight. Layer a couple of baskets along with a plant to maximize storage space and visual appeal.

Storage Furniture

Armoirs, sideboards and drink cabinets are easy ways to add some interest to your decor with a unique modern piece—while offering ample space to hide things away behind closed doors. For space savvy solutions, look to furniture pieces with a double function, like upholstered storage benches and ottomans for the living room and bedroom, as well as coffee tables with “hidden” storage compartments.

Boxes on Shelves

There’s box life beyond the humble cardboard version made for hiding away in the basement or attic. Choose colorful boxes with decorative designs or pieces made of wood, cloth or leather and place them on your shelves to store smaller items elegantly. Group similar things together to make finding them easier, even more so if the boxes have different colors. Inside closets or cabinets, clear boxes are smart helpers that let you identify what’s inside at a glance.


The difference between clutter and decoration can be smaller than you think. Hook-sized, in fact. Anything that’s attractive or interesting enough to show off, declare it wall art and hang it on your walls! Like purses, coats, hats—fashion is an art form after all. But even everyday use items will work if they look nice and will make for great eye-catchers and conversation-starters. Hooks keep everything easily accessible and are the most space-effective of storage solutions.


If you haven’t gone completely digital yet and appreciate “real” books, and lots of them, it’s quite easy to store them in a way that saves room, looks good and shows off your literature buff status. Use a modern or quirky bookshelf that can also serve as a statement or art piece. Organizing the books by color adds to the effect. Bookends are fantastic for adding personality, drama or humor to the display. For a less conventional look without a shelf, stack books horizontally. Stacks can vary in height while interspersing small decor items or placing plants on top and in between stacks takes it all from practical to original.

With so many great ideas, refreshing your home should be a breeze. Here’s to a happy, stylish spring season!