What’s Cooking in Your Kitchen? The Latest Design Trends

Posted on 29 Mar, 2019

(Images are not Avance model homes and are only to visually depict the trends.)

You eat with your eyes first—and at Avance, you’ll find that this is true well before meals are served. Or even prepared. Because with the stunning, modern kitchen designs cooked up by none other than interior design celebrity Bobby Berk and his team, Avance’s model home kitchens offer plenty of tasteful sights to feast your eyes on. Here are some of the hot kitchen trends you’ll find in our model homes.

Matte Black

While too much of this trend conjures thoughts of dark, cave-like spaces, black accents can add some serious wow factor in otherwise light-colored kitchens. Think faucets, cabinet handles, pendant lights, islands and cabinets. Even appliances are coming in darker metal tones now, like you’ll see in the farmhouse inspired kitchen at Avance.

Not ready to take the matte black plunge yet? Bobby Berk suggests dipping your toe by “swapping out small accessories like cutlery or room accents for matte or glossy black versions for simple changes that pack a punch” in his predicted 4 design trends that will win 2019.

Pewter and Gunmetal Hardware

Looking for a stylish alternative to matte black and gold fixtures? Give pewter and gunmetal a try for equally interesting details but with new texture and depth. Use these fixtures to create a more modern and industrious kitchen design.

Pendant Light Fixtures

We’ve seen pendant lights before but this year’s trend is statement-making pendant lights.
More than light sources, they’re a great way to incorporate art into your home—which will not only get visitors’ attention but also serve to define the kitchen space in open floorplans. We’re particularly excited about the bold pendants that will be featured in the boho-inspired and Scandinavian-inspired model kitchens at Avance.

Colored Cabinetry

Everyone loves a handsome cabinet, but 2019 is the year to make a statement with kitchen cabinets. Given the percentage of the wall space they occupy, they often provide the predominant color in a kitchen. And this is the year to look beyond the “safer” wood and white options to something with more personality. Feeling daring? Go with a bright sky blue. Or opt for a gunmetal blue like the cabinets in the Bobby Berk Team’s farmhouse-inspired model kitchen at Avance.

Color Pop

Get out of the neutral zone and add a pop of color here and there to the upholstery or wall accents in your kitchen to effortlessly take the space from functional to fun. Think breakfast nook cushions, pillows, curtains, kitchen island bar stools or bright red chairs and teal accent walls, like in the eclectic model kitchen at Avance.

Vintage Vibe

A little bit modern, a little bit traditional. It’s the balance of the two that give you a perfectly vintage kitchen. Aptly named, The Bobby Berk Team crafted the boho-inspired model kitchen with mid-century wood dining chairs, glass globe pendant lights showcasing vintage Edison bulbs and gold fixtures, juxtaposed with a crisp modern white Chevron tile backsplash.

Feel inspired? Stop by and view these and many more stylish design details up close in our model kitchens—at Avance’s Grand Opening on Saturday, May 11th from noon to 4 p.m. We’d love to see you there!