HomeSmart for the Holidays

Posted on 11 Dec, 2019

Avance homes come equipped with smart home technology that makes day to day life easier than ever. Which means getting festive for the holidays is as simple as a touch of button or a quick voice command. Here are a few ways you can deck the halls with HomeSmart®.

Fill Your Home with Cheer

Playing holiday music is as easy as saying, “Alexa, play holiday music.” For maximum cheer, have her play it in every room of the house so all can hear your favorite holiday tunes.

Keep an Eye on Your Gifts

Ring Pro Doorbell will quickly become your favorite holiday helper. It alerts you as your packages are delivered so you can keep the gifts inside (and the surprise) safe.

Binge Holiday Classics Anywhere, Anytime

The mesh Wi-Fi system in your Avance home means you’ll have flawless internet in every nook and cranny. Grab your laptop or tablet and see how many different places you can rewatch your favorite holiday movies.

Put Your Lights on a Timer

HomeSmart® technology can keep your internal and external holiday lights on an automatic timer, letting your home shine bright every night of the month. And if you’re traveling for the holidays, keeping the kitchen and bedroom lights on a timer means no one will even know you’re gone.

Leave Your Pets and Plants in Good Hands

Ring Pro Doorbell also lets you give out temporary private lock codes to your neighbor for pet care and watering the plants. Allowing everyone to have a happy and stress-free holiday.

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