Top home features for entertaining guests

Good Times by Design: Holiday Entertaining & Floor Plans at Avance

Posted on 20 Dec, 2018

Being a great host is part talent, part hard work and part making the best of your surroundings. Which is a lot easier when your surroundings are designed to make having a great time, just happen naturally. That’s why no matter the floor plan, all of Avance’s South Mountain homes share some fantastic design features in common—perfect for stellar hosting and guesting! Just in time for the festive season, here’s your guide to jolly and impressive, elegant and inviting entertaining across Avance’s Great Indoors.

Entryway porch for first impressions

Front Porches

First impressions count, even if you’re meeting someone for the hundredth time. So don’t hold back and give yourself a great entrance. Big wreaths, garlands on the handrails and pretty holiday lights are the perfect décor for showing off your holiday spirit (and great taste) to your neighbors. Or for giving your guests a warm, happy welcome. And if you want to go all out, why not meet your visitors on the porch with candles in hurricane holders and a cool signature cocktail?

Open floor plan layout with spacious kitchen

Spacious Kitchens & Open Floor Plans

Welcome to the heart of hosting: the kitchen. This is where approving smiles are cooked, baked and seasoned. But why wait until dinner is served to share the joy? Because a meal prepared together is twice as nice! From peeling the first potato to enjoying that last cookie crumb, our spacious kitchens offer plenty of room for indoor-outdoor entertaining and good company.

Stacked ovens ideal for cooking for dinner parties

Stacked Ovens

So many side dishes, so little room in the heating apparatus of your choice. Unless you have stacked (including microwave-) ovens. Saving space and heating time, this is how your entire feast is table-ready all at once. Same for pot luck dinners—no guest’s contribution is left out in the cold. Oh, and did we mention cookie baking?

Large kitchen islands provide extra counter top space

Oversized Kitchen Islands

Invite your guests to your own island filled with tasty delights and unforgettable stories. Oversized and some of them even extendable, Avance’s kitchen islands are the perfect setting for a buffet. Or a blind wine tasting party: cover all bottles, line them up on the buffet with a scorecard asking your guests to guess the price of each bottle. The closest guess wins. Cheers!

Extra tips: Use different tier trays and plateware to create a mouthwatering dessert spread. Or make the island the stage for a beautiful flower arrangement.

Costco-sized pantries provide plenty of space for food storage

Costco-Sized Pantries

Keep the good times coming with pantries so spacious, you can shop well in advance or stock up on everything you need, may need or imagine you could need at some point.  With all that room, you can even have handy those ingredients that always end up missing when you need them most. Looking at you, Baker’s Ammonia!

Best back patio setups for outdoor dining and cocktails

Back Patios & Outdoor Dining

Our inviting indoor-outdoor spaces don’t just go with the flow, they create it. Keep your party moving and your guests mingling by offering food stations, drink stations and music both inside and outside. But beware: fresh air increases the appetite, so cook plenty.

Make an extraordinary display with high volume ceilings

Volume Ceiling (Offered in Ranger’s and Loma’s two-story floor plans.)

What better use for a volume ceiling than making your home the scene of a truly epic holiday tree display! And because two-story trees mean more decoration and more room for gifts underneath, it’s the perfect reason to invite friends over for a tree decorating or ornament white elephant party—and bask in their awe and joy, too!

Great room with sliding glass doors for indoor-outdoor gatherings

Sliding Glass Wall Doors (Offered in Alta’s floor plans.)

Get ready for superhost status with a feature designed to take indoor-outdoor entertaining to the next level: sliding glass wall doors. They’re like doors, but wall-sized, and their stunning disappearing act means less walls, more room, more guests, more fun. Add to that the large front porch and courtyard and a

“New Year’s Party Hot Spot” is born. 3…2…1…whoohoo!